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Staying Sane & Homeschooling During Lock Down

On the 3th day of homeschooling I broke down, I just lost it…. How am I going to do this, without going crazy? Staying sane and homeschooling during the lock down?

I left my kids with a babysitter and went outside for a long walk. Space is what I needed and to be with my own thoughts for a few minutes. I needed space to be able to hear myself think, which is almost impossible when my daughters are around me.

When I came back and I opened my laptop. And I started searching for a solution on Google, but this time I could not find the answer online. Mostly images of happy looking parents that are homeschooling their children. Something I can not relate to at all…. I look more like a scarecrow who has been struck by lighting when I am homeschooling. Far from smiling, relaxed and happy! And is it possible to use staying sane and homeschooling in the same sentence…..

Tips & tricks

I already had done the all the tips and tricks that I had read online:

  • Create a daily schedule & routine
  • Set up a learning environment
  • Use online resources

The soul

But something was missing…. because it was not working the way I expected…the thing that was missing was me. Me and my attitude toward this homeschooling….To be honest I don’t like it at all and I don’t say it out loud but I guess my daughters can feel it. Especially the younger one (6 years old). During the first lock down her school assignment were not that difficult. But now it includes learning to read, writing and math. And during the first lock down my focus was on her older sister (8 years old). Now I felt like I had to split myself into two persons….dividing the attention and support.I had to change my attitude…and surrender to the situation as it is.Don’t get me wrong the list mention above it a very good base and foundation but it needs a soul.

The 3 little things

So here are my 3 little things that helped me to be able to do this:

  • Patience

They are kids and for them it is also a difficult situation. Their daily routine is suddenly different, they miss their friend from school. Being patient shows them that I understand them and that I take time to listen to what they have to say.

  • Get the kids involved

I made a schedule but had not involved them in making it. They are getting older and involving them in creating a schedule will make them feel valued and their opinion is valued. It is more likely that they are committed to it and cooperate. Now we sat down together and I asked them how the school day is planned by the teacher. So step by step we went through a normal school day, with a few adjust me here and there we made a schedule for homeschooling.

  • Let it go

Let go of all the stuff that you think you need to do and just do what is manageable for you. Yes, the laundry is piling up, and so is the dust under the beds. But what is really important that we can get through this challenging time together.

Do you have any tips or trick that you would like to share? Leave them in the comments! Looking forward to hearing how you all dealing with crazy situation called homeschooling.